Helping people save face is more useful than jockeying for nerd dominance.
—Aaron Blohowiak

Yeah, time to get my sous vide on. What’s sous vide all about, you ask? Check out the Sous-Vide 101: Prime Steak Primer on Serious Eats, where the wonderful attached photo comes from.

Upgrading RubyGems search to Solr

In which I thoroughly break down some recent work on upgrading from slow SQL-based search to a fast and flexible Solr-based approach.

The nerd sees the world as a system which, given enough time and effort, is completely knowable.
Rands in Repose

Really neat looking preview of a voxel-based video game.

Taylor Hackbarth decided to learn how to make his own clothing. He started with an apron, and has ended up with some beautiful handmade shirts and jeans. Inspiring. I sense a new hobby for my list…

How to write good code, courtesy of xkcd.

2010 in Cities

  • San Diego, CA — The hometown.
  • Phoenix, AZ — Desert living!
  • San Francisco, CA — Multiple business trips.
  • Seattle, WA — Doug and Angela get hitched!
  • Orange, CA — Trav and Anna get hitched!
  • Park City, UT — Week-long snowboarding trip with the fam.

And three different cities lined up for next January alone…